The National Theather History

The National Theater of Costa Rica is the main theater in Costa Rica. Is a national symbol, inaugurated on October 19, 1897. This institution promotes the production of performing arts of a high artistic level, also preserve the heritage building for public use as a historical monument.


             National Theather of Costa Rica

Our Services

With a wide experience in tourism, CTT offers a lot of possibilities in ground transportation.
We have these vehicle
  • Taxis: 4 pax
  • Microbus: 10 pax
  • Microbus: 24 pax
  • Buseta: 34 pax
  • Autobus: 45 pax

All vehicles have air-conditioning. Buses have a bathroom and also tv for your enjoyment.

Ours drivers have knowledge of the challenging roads of Costa Rica and take you safely to your destination.

Bilingual Drivers and Naturalist Guides can be requested for your convenience.

Volcanos, beaches, tropical rain forest - let us show you the beauty and scenes of Costa Rica.

We can help you with suggestions for your maximun enjoyment in your visit to Costa Rica.

About us

Our adventure began in 1996, when one of the most important Chain hotel en the United States arrived in Costa Rica.

CTT began operations using taxis as a way of transporting our clients. From that moment on, we were filling the needs that the hosts of the hotel were requesting of us.

We bought our first minibús in 1998. In 1995, CTT had a fleet of 10 new legal Toyota Corolla taxis, plus 8 mini buses.
In this way, and this year, 2005, CTT begins another adventure, which we hope will serve you in your next visit to Costa Rica.

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