Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


CTT's Mission and Vision implies a long-term commitment with our Partners, Clients, Collaborators, Suppliers, Government and the Community in General. Said Commitment is structured in 3 pillars: Management and Governance, Environmental and Social.

Management and Governance: Motto “Profitability with social and environmental awareness”

a-Compliance with current legislation and other regulations that apply to us: Any decision made in the administration and/or operation of CTT must be governed by our values, with honesty, transparency and good faith. The foregoing implies, intrinsically, that We will always comply with all the scope of the laws and regulations that apply to us in this line of business.

b-Our Suppliers of goods and services must be fully aligned with our sustainability policy, for which they must provide evidence of their good operating practices.

c- Those Suppliers that demonstrate proactivity in the activities that collaborate with the fight against Climate Change, use and sustainable consumption of natural resources will be weighted.

d- There will be a system of Management indicators that allows a permanent measurement of Business Management that is the basis for decision-making.

e-Austerity in spending: We will ensure, in great detail, the destination and use of resources, in such a way that all spending is justified by virtue of business objectives.


f-Efficiency in Business Management: Efficiency in management must be a permanent goal in the management of CTT, which will be achieved through the establishment of an achievable, measurable strategic plan, aligned with the experience, training and commitment of Partners. and Collaborators.

g- Value Bet: Our value bet is based on providing an excellent service, which is perceived by our Clients as an experience that exceeds their expectations, which will allow us to maintain and increase the value chains with our current commercial partners and the that will be added in the future.


h-Investment Management: The investments made must be the product of a detailed analysis of the risk vs. the potential for profitability and feasibility, in the Legal, Technical, Market and Financial fields. All investments must be aligned with the strategic plan and the policies of the Company.


Environmental Commitment: Motto “Our actions today will define, for better or worse, the quality of life of our children tomorrow”

a- We assume the commitment to operate with environmental awareness, promoting, supporting and disseminating actions to mitigate the impact of climate change, implementing practices in the sustainable use of resources.

-Conscious use of water

-Electrical consumtion

-Adequate disposal of waste


b- We assume the commitment to educate, train and make our collaborators aware so that they are managers of the good management and rational use of resources such as water, electricity, proper waste management and facilitators of these practices with our users.

c- Our Operation will ensure to minimize negative environmental impacts and enhance positive ones, for this there will be indicators and/or reports from our collaborators and users.

d- We assume the commitment to permanently evaluate the technologies available in the market, which help combat climate change, and if it is financially and operationally feasible, they will be adopted to positively increase our collaboration in the environmental aspect.


Social Commitment: Motto “Treat people as we want to be treated”

a-CTT will not allow any form of discrimination, whether due to race, age, religious creed, politics, gender, sexual preference, or of any other nature. All the people with whom we interact or relate (Collaborators, Clients, Users, Suppliers, Community, etc.) will receive a respectful, considerate and affable treatment.

b-CTT undertakes to ensure the education and training of employees, within its possibilities, to facilitate their development and personal and professional growth.

c-CTT is committed to collaborating with the community in those social programs in which it is feasible to contribute, with special emphasis on programs for groups of people with greater vulnerability, e.g. Seniors, children, families in extreme poverty, etc.


d- CTT undertakes to monitor and report any activity that involves human trafficking, child prostitution, child labor, any kind of slavery or activities that violate the rights and freedoms of these groups. We will be very vigilant and energetic in this regard.

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